Update On Loan Scheme

Update On Loan Scheme, 2020 Budget & Supporting Local

You weren’t expecting to hear from us again so soon were you? Well it is Friday.

We promise the newsletters will be less frequent once we get through all the government announcements. Don’t want too much of a good thing eh?

Let’s bust out some information for this week.

Small Business Cashflow Scheme

Last week we mentioned that the Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme had been introduced by the government to help small businesses just like your very own that have been affected by COVID-19. It seems the government is in a hurry to get rid of its cash You are expected to have a viable business if you wish to apply for this loan. We indicated last week that you may need a business plan and forecast in place to apply for this loan. The feedback we have received from successful applicants is that you don’t need to have supporting info at the application stage.

Even though you may not need a forecast or business plan for the loan application, it is a loan that has to be paid back, so best practice is to have a forecast and a plan in place.

The Budget

$13.9 billion has already been spent with a large component of this being the wage subsidy scheme. That’s back pocket change to Jeff Bezos but for the rest of us with smaller pockets that’s quite a decent chunk of coin.

Another $15.9 billion injection is underway and $20.2 billion has been put aside. Economist Tony Alexander believes it is likely that $20.2 billion will be spent because NZ has a healthy debt to GDP ratio. So that is cause for some optimism. Always look on the bright side of life eh?

Some areas that may help:

  • There is a second round of wage subsidies. To be eligible you need to show a 50% reduction in income in the 30 days prior to the application from the same period last year. The wage subsidy  is not available until the 10 June. Click here for more information.
  • There is a $400 million tourism relief sector package. This is aimed at amping up domestic tourism.
  • $41.4 million is being spent across 3 years in construction, digital and agri-tech sectors
  • There will be free training for critical courses such as building, construction and agriculture to help those people who may have lost jobs.
Supporting Great Local Businesses

Well, we’re not Jeff Bezos and we’re not the Government. And we don’t have big pockets but……

We want to support great local businesses so we have purchased a number of vouchers to support our community and give you guys a bit of a treat. Come on – you deserve it. We will be contacting more businesses over the coming weeks but if you would like us to buy vouchers from you please email

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to win your voucher.

You or a friend might be looking a bit shaggy after lockdown. Or maybe the hubby/wifey isn’t the hairdresser he/she used to be. Maybe you just deserve a special treat. You might be panging out for a quality coffee with some baking that might be (just a little) better than the home made eats. What about getting a giant delicious churro down ya? How about a special trip to Cromwell to enjoy the big fruit and a decent old feed?

We have the following vouchers to give away to you:

  • Hair on Camp Street
  • Café Society 5 Mile
  • Gatto’s Churros
  • Nichols Garden Café
  • Iron & Ivy Hair & Beauty
  • Habebes
  • Gutter cleaning from Peak to Peak Property Services

Whatever ….. send us a quality joke and you will be rewarded with a voucher of quality service from hard working locals. Email your joke to . Tanu will be reading them so keep them clean! If you could send us a snapshot of you using the voucher we will make you famous on our Number Up Facebook.

If you want us to buy a voucher from you or you want to participate please email

How else can we help??

We are now approved regional business partner service providers. That means we may be able to offer you services that are paid for by the Regional Business Partner Network. You need to register to use this service. So please click here to register.

If you need help with anything but cost is a concern please contact us. We will work out something with you.

Thanks for reading our newsletter. Guess we should leave you with some top of the range humour to blast you into the weekend:

Q: Did you hear about the guy who visited the doctor because he thought he had become curtains?

A: The doctor told him to pull himself together.

Q: What did the librarian say to her team about the mess their library was in?

A: We oughta be ashamed of ourshelves.

Hmmmm. It seems we’re scraping the bottom of our joke barrel there. Send in some jokes and win some vouchers!

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