March 2020 Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter

Well another tax year has rolled around. It seems like just yesterday that Jacinda was popping out Neve and Clarke was still making fishing documentaries. Time flies!

The picture above is of Cinnamon, Hercules and Lea (our 3 resident donkeys – not talking about the staff). Come and see us at our new office at 108 Spence Road if you haven’t already. Make sure you bring carrots.

There’s lots to get through in this newsletter so lets crack into it.

2019 Terminal Tax Due By 7 April 2020

If you have terminal tax due for the year end 31 March 2019 your payment will be due by 7 April 2020. We sent out reminders last week. Although its always nice to get mail from us it is a tax bill so make sure you read it and make payment. If for any reason you won’t be able to pay please let us know and we can look at arrangements or tax finance options. We have noticed that some of you have been late paying provisional tax and as a result IRD have charged interest and penalties on the terminal tax. If you miss payments IRD remove the extension of time to pay. Please let us know if you have any questions. Julia is a whizz at this!

End Of Tax Year

For most of you 31 March is the end of the tax year. That means you have to get information into us so we can prepare your financial statements and tax. We will be sending out an online checklist this week (week starting 9 March). There are some gnarly questions in there but we are required to get all the right information from you to make sure you comply with IRD requirements. Please answer them as best you can and get them back to us quick smart. We can help you complete the checklists if that’s what you need. We could come to see you or you could visit us at 108 Spence Road to work through the checklist. All part of the service!


You’ll be wanting to know what our office hours are over Easter. We are closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday but its business as usual other than that. Enjoy your family and friends over the break so you won’t miss us too much. We also have our Easter hours advertised on our Instagram and Facebook pages and our website ( so check us out.


Xero are changing their pricing for the standard and premium version of Xero from March to $62 plus GST and $77 plus GST respectively. But that will include Hubdoc. Click here to see what Hubdoc is and how it works . We are using Hubdoc ourselves so if you need any help with Hubdoc set up and training let us know.

We are also increasing our pricing. We like to provide an affordable service at a fair price. From 1st April 2020 you will notice an increased fee. If you would like to go on a monthly fee to spread the cost please let us know. If you do we can keep your pricing at the current pricing for the next 12 months.

Smart AR


Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to pay. I know – we’re good guys.We have recently added a new payment facility to our business that may be of interest to you, it is provided by smartAR fee funding and has the following benefits:

* Flexibility – Fund invoices over $500 with flexible payment options and terms from 3 -18 months.

* Cost effectiveness – the credit fee is a deductible business expense.

* Simplicity – Fast, stress free process.

* Confidential – your application is automatically processed with no credit checks and no financials required. 

You will notice a Pay Now option on your Xero invoice from us. You can just click on that and pay straight away. Presto!


Did you know that there are new laws coming into effect for Trusts from January 2021? It mainly relates to Trustee responsibilities and disclosure. We think it is a good time to educate Trust clients. We are looking at teaming up with Perpetual Guardian to present an information night on Trusts. Let us know if you would be interested and we can firm up on dates.

Future You

As well as being there for you to get the tax done and support you in your business we are specializing in helping you to move from the current you to the future you. We have a package that looks at your current self and where you want to be. Future proof yourself so that you are using your business to achieve your personal goals in life – financial and other aspects of your life. The rural studio we have at 108 Spence Road is a great place to work through things. Contact us if you want to find out more.

Giving Back to Our Business Community

You guys are a valuable part of our business community. We want to give back. From May 2020 we will be giving out monthly vouchers to the important ones (you) to say thank you. We would like to buy vouchers or products from clients that we can then gift to other clients to share the love. We’ll be posting each month who won the prize and who the supplier was.  Let us know if you would like us to purchase your product so that we can gift it to our customers.

Quality Humour

What is a Number Up newsletter without some quality humour (note that we did not say good quality). As a reward for getting to the end here we go:

Q. What did Doctor Spock find in the toilet?

A. The Captain’s log.

Hey – we don’t write the jokes.

Peace out

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