July 2020 Newsletter - Number Up

July 2020 Newsletter

Hey Number Uppers,

Long time no hear. Hope you’re still out there hovering about. Sheesh. Hasn’t life since lockdown flown by? Only 151 days until Christmas now in case you were wondering. Well by the time you read this it will be less (just in case you are thinking our numbers are a bit suspect). We’re over the hump, as I’m sure someone famous once said.

First of all we would like to say thanks for all your patience. We have been hit mighty hard with end of tax year, GST returns, and all the COVID accounting conundrums. Really sorry if you have been kept waiting on your accounting and business needs. I know I have a number of emails that have been stuck in the inbox for too long. I’ll have that cleared over the next few weeks. Thanks for the mail!

Secondly, it might seem like we have itchy feet but……… we are moving our office to the back of the building here at good old 108 Spence Road this Friday 31 July. The new office is a little bigger which allows us to stretch out and maybe set up a napping pod for those long summer afternoons. Who can argue with 47 million Spanish siesta takers about the power of napping? Also we now have a courtyard, a nicer space and we are closer to the donkeys. Hope they don’t hee haw while we are napping!! So we are still in the same location…..but just around the back. Take a left turn when you come in the gate and follow the drive around to the back of the building.

Thirdly….we will be sending out tax reminder letters over the next two weeks for the first instalment of 2021 provisional tax which is due by 28 August 2020. If you have had your tax done these should be the correct amounts but if you have not yet had your tax prepared they will be estimates based on 2019 earnings. If you think your amount to pay is incorrect or you feel like you have been knocked about by COVID so would like to revise the amount payable, please contact us and we can have a tax chat. If you haven’t got your info into us and want an accurate tax assessment then please get your tax info to us in the next 7 days. We will do our best to get your tax prepared before 28 August.

Do I need to say fourthly?? Its GST time again shortly for all you GST regulars. GST for the period end 31 July 2020 is due to be filed with IRD and paid by 28 August. Can you please get your GST info into us by no later than 7 August so that we can have you all good to go by 14 August.

Do you want a fifthly? That’s quite hard to say. Fun fact : Did you know that new Trust laws come into effect from 30 January 2021?? Well maybe not a fun fact, but it is a fact. We have had some queries from clients around whether they still need their trust and some queries around what the new rules mean. Our good friends at Queenstown Law are happy to offer you a 30 minute free session regarding your family trust. Please click here for more details.

Here are some video cartoons about the law changes. Not quite The Simpsons but very informative and succinct :

Or you could have a complementary chat with Kelvin Harvey at Perpetual Guardian. Our Perpetual Guardian buddies have provided us with a brief  around the Trust law changes, please click here for more details.

Both Perpetual Guardian and Queenstown Law are very helpful and a great fit for our business community.

And now for the big finish…….

Q: Why don’t crabs donate to charities??

A: Because they are shellfish.

Q: What happened when the strawberry crossed the road??

A: It caused a traffic jam.

Boom! They just keep getting better. As the postman said, “its all in the delivery”. Right. Back to work then.

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