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Gatto’s churros are sweet as. Reading through the menu is a drooling experience that might require a tissue. Classic churro anyone?? Yum! Moulin rouge with its vanilla and creo cookies flavours?? Choice man! Chocolate and nuts?? Indulge away. Crème brulee?? Start the diet next week. Dulce de lece and cookies?? Exquisito!!

The Story

Churros have been going strong since the Spanish inquisition way back in the 1500s. Generations of Spanish folk can’t be wrong……these things must be delicious!! But you don’t have to go all the way to Barcelona to experience los churros son deliciosis. Right here on Queenstown Bay you will find Gatto and Carla serving up delicioso churros from their cute aqua caravan. 

Gatto’s churros……just look for the cat on the caravan. Why the cat?? Well Gatto means cat in Spanish. Guillermo has been known as Gatto ever since the old university days. And just like a cat, this couple from Chile are inquisitive and adventurous. Well how else did they end up in Queenstown??

Gatto and Carla were enticed down from the north island by a Queenstown friend. With only a tiny car that would hardly fit a cat in it (see what we did there?) and a few hundred dollars, the couple adventured down to the adventure capital of the world. They came with exciting dreams and a touch of hope (well on that budget there was a lot of hope).

Once in Queenstown it was time to put the roots down. Gatto had travelled the world as a chef. From Singapore to Switzerland to Italy to Turkey to Australia to Japan (where he worked in a Michelin star restaurant) to New Zealand. Great place to stop eh? Carla, a trained math teacher, did the sums and Queenstown seemed like a pretty good equation.

Both Gatto and Carla are determined cats. Touched by the Queenstown bug they decided it was time to take the next step in their lives. They felt ready to create something special. Knowing that travelers from all around the world come to Queenstown, they had a hunch that Churros would be an appealing product that would be well known. The dream is to build Gatto’s Churros into a place that you simply can’t miss in Queenstown. Amazing product, incredible flavor, beautiful environment and welcoming people.

Although Gatto’s churros has only been around a short time it is already a must visit destination in Queenstown. People are saying, “the best we have ever had”, “nice team and great spot! 100% recommended”, “a must on your visit to Queenstown”, “these churros are amazinggggg”. These guys are on the road to success. What a great story.

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