Could You Be Saving On Your Insurance Costs?

Could You Be Saving On Your Insurance Costs?

As businesses begin to navigate the transition out of Level 4 and households are redefining the new normal, keeping a close eye on costs will be a key consideration. Revenues and household income have taken a hit, and managing expenses is a necessary exercise to maintain business viability and maximise the household budget.

Insurance is one of those grudge purchases that, even in the best of times, can be hard to stomach.

If you have flexibility, there may be temptation to simply cancel cover and self-insure. This flexibility is great, but we caution against making decisions before understanding the full consequences of taking that action. Where the bank insists on cover to protect the assets they’ve loaned on, establishing efficiencies in coverage is the best process.

Transparency should be high on everyone’s agenda. Ask yourself – do you know how much you’re paying your broker? Commissions plus non-disclosed fees mean establishing the value you’re receiving can be hard to achieve.

Here at Number Up, we partner with RMA Financial Queenstown for our general and professional insurances. RMA are a locally based insurance brokerage with  innovative means to establish cost savings while maximising insurance protection. 

For personal lines and most commercial enterprise insurance, RMA can offer you a fee-for-service model. In addition to providing transparency and certainty around cost, they will charge a fee that is lower than the commissions and fees you’re currently paying – so even if your insurance coverage remains the same you’ll achieve savings.

Stuart Thompson, RMA’s General Insurance Advisor,  has 25 years of broking experience in both commercial and corporate markets. He has a proven track record of client satisfaction with dedicated client relationships spanning two decades. If you’re looking for an improvement in service and reduction in costs, we recommend you give Stuart a call to discuss your requirements and how he can assist with managing both your costs and your risks.

Stuart Thompson Stuart-Thompson

General Insurance Advisor – RMA Financial

P: 03 441 4061 | M: 027 937 2222 |  E: |

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