Christmas 2020 Newsletter

Hey everybody,

Thought we would get one last newsletter in to round out the year. Just wanted to say thanks for all your support during the year and congratulations on getting through a tough one.

Apparently a Scotty doppelganger got the call up to be Santa at The Hayes. As seen below he was a hit with the kids. If you are looking to scar kids for life then look no further.

If you are needing some accounting help over the festive season just a reminder of our office hours:

  • CLOSED  Tuesday 22 December 2020
  • OPEN from 9am, 11 January 2021

Scott can also take phone calls on 027 256 0511 if its urgent. We wouldn’t leave you in the lurch.

Thanks to everyone who got all your GST info into us on time. If anyone has not managed to get their info into us you won’t be hearing from us until 11 January. Tanu is away until 15 January so if you are responding to any of her GST queries please copy in Otherwise your GST will be filed late!

Have a great Christmas and Santastic New Year (see what we did there?). Make sure you use plenty of sun block. You wouldn’t want a red nose for the family photos (it just keeps coming). Hope we’ll see you around town with your bells on. Look after your elf . Too much?? Oh well I guess we’d better finish with a couple of Christmas crackers :

Q. What did Adam say the night before Christmas?

A. It’s Christmas, Eve.”

Q. How’s Santa going to keep the sleigh COVID free this year?

A. He’ll be using Santa-tiser.

Looking forward to more classics in 2021. Peace out.

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