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July 2020 Newsletter

Hey Number Uppers, Long time no hear. Hope you’re still out there hovering about. Sheesh. Hasn’t life since lockdown flown by? Only 151 days until Christmas now in case you

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Gatto's Churros

Welcome To The Menu Gatto’s churros are sweet as. Reading through the menu is a drooling experience that might require a tissue. Classic churro anyone?? Yum! Moulin rouge with its

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Hubdoc & Xero

Do these feature on your list of goals? Get rid of pesky admin tasks? Get rid of manual data entry? Well, your wish has been granted! As of 18 March

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Three donkeys
March 2020 Newsletter

Well another tax year has rolled around. It seems like just yesterday that Jacinda was popping out Neve and Clarke was still making fishing documentaries. Time flies! The picture above

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Balance is Success

I am sitting in row G of the top balcony at the Foals concert at the Auckland Town Hall. It’s where all the grey hairs sit looking down on the

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