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Our friendly team are here to make your life better.

Chartered Accounts and Xero Gold Partner

Number up with our fun and approachable team and we’ll help improve your business, tax and life!

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Why choose us

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We take time to understand your situation and customise our service to meet your needs. We implement the best solution for you.
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History of Success

We have been helping people in business across New Zealand for 17 years. We are dedicated to helping you find success in your personal and business lives.
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We treat you as an important part of our community. We partner with clients and suppliers who value the same positivity that we do. We value our team, you and your team, our suppliers, our friends, our families and our community. We make positive change in peoples lives.
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Plain Speak

Although we are fluent in accounting speak we explain everything in your speak so that are engaged and understand all the important parts of your business.
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We prepare honest work at a fair price. We communicate openly with you. We are transparent and accountable for our actions.

Getting to know us

Here at Number Up we are not just chartered accountants. We are also advisors, here to help you achieve your personal and business goals. 

Our small friendly team is built up with experts with a genuine desire to help and provide the best possible service. We believe in keeping things simple.  

Come meet us for a cup of coffee at our office!

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